Infant Massage and Beyond - Providing infant massage instruction to families
Benefits of Infant Massage
Infant massage has been shown to provide early psychological and sensory input which is essential in facilitating the development of all infants.  It contains such critical elements of bonding such as eye-to-eye contact, smiling, soothing vocal sounds, loving touch, smell, and mutual interaction.
Stimulation of all senses, immune system, and organ systems, as well as growth hormone production leading to weight gain.  
Relaxation of muscles and reduced stress levels, leading to decreased tension and a sense of comfort so that the infant is ready for learning and sleeping patterns are improved 
Relief from colic, constipation, teething pain, as well as pain management from medical procedures/traumas.  
Bonding/Attachment through quality one-on-one time when eye-to-eye contact and communication are encouraged, and there is skin-to-skin contact.  Security and trust are developed by the infant that the parent will love and care for them and parents gain confidence that they can meet their baby’s needs.
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